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Monday - World boss (18:00), Válka říší (20:00)
Tuesday - World boss (18:00), Válka cechů (20:00)
Wednesday - World boss (18:00), Měsíční pokladnice (19:00)
Thursday - World boss (18:00), Válka říší (20:00)
Friday - World boss (18:00), Válka cechů (20:00)
Saturday - World boss (18:00), Válka říší (20:00)
Sunday - World boss (18:00), Měsíční pokladnice(19:00)
Imperus - Rules and General Terms of Use

I. Registration / Game account and access data

  • When registering game account, this game account is named by user.
  • The name is unique and must not be taken by another registration(the check is provided by automatic system).
  • A functional email address is also required for proper registration of the game account.
  • Change of the game account data can be made in user panel, accessible after login in with correct login name and password.
    • All changes to the account settings must be approved at the email address listed for the account, otherwise they will not be changed.
    • A randomly generated password is secure enough, but can also be changed.
    • As a result of losing access to an email you automatically loses entitlement to the game account.
    • For each of changed data, it is necessary to take safety into account and choose data that are not easily detectable.
    • The user is responsible for the safe storage of data.
    • The most sensitive data, such as the password, is stored in encrypted form and cannot be decoded back.
    • The only one who knows its correct form is the rightful user of the game account! Only from the rightful user can the password be obtained!
    • The only exception is the registration email, but it is up to the user to protect his / her mailbox or delete the email.
  • In case of forgetting the access password, it is possible to reset access by so-called password reset.
  • The password cannot be obtained retroactively(see above).
  • Therefore, a new password is randomly generated to reset the password.
  • As with other changes, an email with a confirmation link is sent to the user. After activation, the password is changed and user obtains the access to their account.
  • If a user does not have access to their email, he / she loses access to his / her account.

II. Game Client / Updates / Third Party Applications

  • Game on (Imperus) server is possible to play only with the application that accesses the remote service on these servers (later referred as the Client).
  • The user can use the game only with the Client, which is available to the user for free download in the "DOWNLOAD" section.
  • This Client must always be updated and run exclusively with the help of the Launcher application (Imperus.exe), that is part of the Client, this Launcher application (Imperus.exe) it must also be current, unchanged and in the original state in which it was installed or otherwise applied to the user's computer.
  • Any interference with the entire client is a gross violation of the rules and is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use any third-party support applications to play on our servers.
  • If such an application is detected, permanent blocking will be granted to all user's accounts without the possibility of appeal.

III. Behavior

  • In the game, the forum and all other websites, including the Facebook page and group, it is forbidden and punished:
    • Express yourself in chat in any way that alerts or encourages other users to visit other games and servers. Any advertising to the detriment of imeprus.eu servers is punishable by a chatban. If the situation recurs, it will be punished by blocking the account.
    • Offending, threatening other players or getting attention to yourself by improper behavior is punished by a chatban. If the situation recurs, it will be punished by blocking the account.
    • Vulgar language, to any extent, including various transcripts, abbreviations, asterisks, etc., is punishable by a chatban. If the situation recurs, it will be punished by blocking the account.
    • Insults, curses to a family member are severely punished by temporary blocking of the account, in cases of death threats, the player is granted permanent blocking without the possibility of appeal.
    • The imitation of team members, the announcements of true or false team members' identities is punished by permanent blocking.
    • Refer to any application, including the game, to post or link to any website, encourage unfair activities such as fraud, theft, or inappropriate content such as vulgar, racist, offensive, and in any way contrary to Czech law.
    • Spam (unsolicited and repeatedly communicating content) wherever the user is allowed to comment is punished by chatban.
    • Asking administrators (TGM, GM, CoMa, DEV, GA) to interference in your gaming character (donation of items, services or other benefits) is punished by a warning or chatban. The exception is when it comes to the error on your character.
    • Obstructing a user's game character from playing, for example by blocking access to NPCs through private stalls, is punished by temporarily blocking the account.

IV. Game characters, guilds, stalls, ... (names generally)

  • Game characters can be created with any name, if they are not:
    • in contrary with Czech laws
    • derogatory
    • racist
    • insulting
    • imitating the names of people who have any share in genocide (a crime against humanity defined by international criminal law)
    • imitating team members name or their functions
    • including various transcripts of the things written above that might confuse other players in any way
  • These prohibited names also apply to stall names, guild names, and other available names that are available for naming.

V. Sharing of game accounts

  • Sharing gaming accounts means connecting to one gaming account from more than one computer, by one or more users.
    • Account sharing is allowed, but the user loses the right to deal with the loss of virtual items, game account, and so on on that game account.
    • When settling a dispute with a gaming account, the rightful owner will always be responsible for the gaming account by e-mail and the provider will not take into account the user's use of the account at the time of the dispute. It is up to the user to whom he / she grants the access data (he / she is the only one), but he / she will bear any consequences (theft, blocking) himself / herself.

VI. Mistakes (Bugs) in the game.

  • It is forbidden to abuse bug in the game for your benefit!
  • User (finder of the bug) is obligated to report the found bug, otherwise it will be punished by permanent blocking even if you do not abuse the bug.

VII. Trading of accounts (also items) / ownership.

  • All accounts, characters, items, everything in the game is property of the gaming portal imperus.eu, registration leads only to free lending for indefinite period.
  • The game account can be deleted at any time by the portal operator without giving any reason.
  • It is prohibited to offer any exchanges in the game that are not directly related to Imperus server. For example, between server exchanges. Punished by weekly account blocking. In case of recurrence, account blocking will be extended. * This rule only applies in game *.
  • Trading for a currency other than the game currency (yang, DR) is punished by permanent blocking. When offering or executing a trade is detected, all participants are exposed to the risk of permanent blocking. Even consent to execute a trade is treated as a offering (for understanding: if someone offers you a trade for a real currency and you agree, you may be permanently blocked).This concerns the so-called real money trades. Generally everything that you own on Imperus cannot be sold for monetary value.
  • In the case of inter-server exchanges or any exchanges made outside the game system (trading window, exchange), you have no right for return. For example, when exchanging a character for a character.
  • Inter-server theft is punished by permanent blocking.
  • Account theft is punished by permanent blocking. If you are robbed by a third party when trading, they may be permanently blocked.

VIII. Penalties and blockages

  • Any violations of the rules are subject to penalties and blocking according to the internal procedure.
  • A team member will deal with a specific offense based on the type of offense and other aspects affecting the penalty.
  • Evidence of the sentence is always kept for at least 1 month for GM and 14 days for GA. However, it is not the obligation of the team to send any evidence to a user affected by a blockage or other penalty.
  • If the penalty was imposed by a lower instance than GP, GA, the user has the option to request a higher instance to deal with the case. However, it depends on the higher instance if he / she will solve the problem.
  • If the penalty was imposed by GP, GA, there is no possibility to appeal to a higher instance and the solution is therefore final. The user has the option to request another solution, but it is only up to GP, GA, if he / she will comply with this request.
  • Possible penalties and blockages for users violating the rules:
    • "Chat Ban" -> Disable all communication in the game for a certain period of time (the time of blocking is displayed).
    • Blockage of account (period) -> block a specific account for a specified period of time (the duration of the block is listed in the dashboard on the website).
    • Blockage of account (permanent) -> blocking a specific account for an indefinite period of time (information on blocking is in the information panel, blocking is permanent = forever)
    • Blockage of IP address -> Block all computers on the Internet address.
    • Blocks are granted in the Admin panel for Administrators (GM, GA, GP). The administrator can determine the duration itself based on his decision and violated rules.

IX. Costs / Premium reward

Games on our portal are completely free, player has option to support developenemt of the portal by sending payment, for which he / she will gain game currency in the game. For the game currency player cen get complementary items to the game such as, clothes, means of transport, or other improvements. Prices are listed directly in the respective game offer. Prices include VAT so the price is final. If the term of the benefit is not specified in the game, this period is limited by the term of this agreement. Any rights exceeding the limited right of use remain in the possession of the operator. The operator offers various methods of payment, among which the user can freely choose. For this purpose, the operator maintains business relationships with third parties as providers such as Gopay. In part, these providers enter into their own contracts with the user during payment. In such cases, the general terms and conditions of the provider may also apply. The game currency will be credited in few minutes for most payment options, in some cases the game currency will be credited after receiving of the payment (up to 3 days - using bank transfer). You will also be notified by email about the purchase of the game currency. The game currency is a virtual resource, so it can be used abroad in your account. The purchase of a game currency is not limited by age, but if the user is a minor, by ordering the game currency units, he / she explicitly confirms that the funds required to pay for them have been given for that purpose or for free usage. The game currency will be credited to the user account from which they are requested. The received payment is taken as a gift, this VOLUNTARY gift is non-refundable and is not legally enforceable! By submitting your payment, you agree to this notice. No automatic costs arise when you sign in or in course of the game. Unused units are forfeited at the end of the usage agreement. According to the Act on the Registration of Sales, the Seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the Buyer and at the same time he / she is obliged to register the received sales with the tax administrator online; in case of technical failure after that within 48 hours at the latest.

X. Complaint

In the event that the virtual currency is not delivered to your gaming account after successful completion of the " Paid " status of the order, a claim is made. Please wait 60 min before sending a claim, occasionally a transaction may have delay. Keep in mind that bank transfer takes approximately 2-3 days to process.

To make a claim, please send the following payment details to [email protected]

Order ID :

Game Account (ID) :

Method of payment :

Approximate time of the order payment :

*You will find the necessary information in the email, that was generated and sent to the email address of your game account, when you created the payment order.

The complaint will be confirmed and processed within 24 hour after sending the complaint email.

GDPR - Protection of personal data

Informations about GDPR can be read here : GDPR

X. Final Provisions

  • The Provider is not liable for damages in connection with the use of the Service. The assignment of the user's rights against the provider to third parties is excluded. Provider also does not take responsibility for the caused health problems.
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